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Jane by April Lindner

20 Mar

April Lindner’s Jane is a refreshing revamp of the old classic Jane Eyre. Jane holds true to the Jane Eyre story line, but modernizes the story and makes it more accessible for young readers. Jane finds herself having to quit college and get a nanny job when both her parents die suddenly in a tragic accident. Jane ends up working for the mysterious Nico Rathburn, a rockstar with shocking secrets.  Lindner takes a risk with this story, potentially alienating diehard classic fans, but most readers will find the plot and story line just as appealing as the old classic. High schoolers are not always excited to read the classics, but with Jane you get a fresh retelling in a modern setting. A must read for high schoolers longing for a bit of romance and intrigue.

A refreshing take on a tried and true classic


If you like the old school version of Jane, give this one a shot. This book does not have  vampires or other creatures of the night, but there is a distinct, dark mood within this book. Jane believes herself to be of average beauty, strong character and not awestruck by people’s fame. Nico Rathburn takes an interest in her and well…you just have to read it. Think romance mixed with  music and a dash of brooding. Yes please.

Suggested Library Activity:

Have students write a different ending to the story and share. Also, have students read Jane by Jane Eyre and discuss how the author changed the story to make it more relevant and appealing for today’s reader.

Bibliographic Citation:

Lindner, A. (2010). Jane. London: Little Brown.

Additional Book Review:

Library Media Connection (January/February 2011)

Jane is a modern retelling of Jane Eyre. Orphaned at age nineteen, Jane finds work as a nanny for Nico Rathburn, a rock star. While taking care of his daughter, Jane falls in love with Nico. There are some odd accidents, but Jane chalks them up to Brenda, a housekeeper who lives on the third floor, where all others in the house are forbidden to enter. Eventually Nico proposes to Jane, but on their wedding day Jane discovers that Nico is still married. Nico reveals that the resident of the third floor is his wife, who is schizophrenic and dangerous. Jane, feeling like a fool, flees. When she learns about a horrible accident, Jane realizes that Nico is the only man she ever loved and returns to him. The basic elements from Jane Eyre exist, but at times it felt like the author glossed over situations. This is a compelling read, whether you know the original story or not. However, trying to translate Bronte’s writings into a present day situation is complex, and the story feels like too much is trying to be accomplished. I would recommend this for libraries that have a large chick-lit collection. Recommended. Emily Cassady, Educational Reviewer, Dallas, Texas

Cassady, E. (January/February, 2011). Book Review of Jane. Library Media Connection.