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Draw Me A Star by Eric Carle

6 May

Draw Me a Star Cover

Draw Me A Star is a picture book about an artist that is requested to draw a star. Throughout the story the artist is told to draw flowers, a house, night and a woman and man. This is a beautiful story as all of Eric Carle’s stories are. It piques imagination in young readers and is sure to capture their attention.


This book is moving. Eric Carle never ceases to amaze with his beautiful illustrations and accessible narrative for young readers. I love the rhythm of this story—mesmerizing and calming. My two-year old daughter loves to listen to this story before bedtime.

Suggested Library Activity:

For younger readers (age 4-7) have students make a booklet of their own drawings. Include elements from Draw Me a Star such as flowers, stars, night, day, etc. Have students color their book and make a cover. Collect the student-made books and place in a basket. ¬†Place the basket in an accessible location in the library. For older students, be sure to include describing words in the book under the pictures—possibly even a segway in to poetry. Use colors, numbers and other emotive and moving descriptions.

Bibliographic Citation:

Carle, E. (1992). Draw me a star. New York: Philomel Books.

Additional Book Review:

From School Library Journal

Kindergarten-Grade 4– A young boy is told (readers are not sure by whom) to “Draw me a star.” The star then requests that the boy draw it a sun; the sun asks for a “lovely tree,” and throughout his life the boy/man/artist continues to create images that fill the world with beauty. The moon bids the now-elderly artist to draw another star, and as the story ends, the artist travels “across the night sky” hand-in-hand with the star. This book will appeal to readers of all ages; its stunning illustrations, spare text, and simple story line make it a good choice for story hour; but older children will also find it uplifting and meaningful. Especially pleasing is a diagram within the story, accompanied by rhyming instructions on how to draw a star: “Down/ over/ left/ and right/ draw/ a star/ oh so/ bright.” An inspired book in every sense of the word.
– Eve Larkin, Middleton Public Library , WI